Unique Ceremony Elements

Your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of the values of you and your partner. The design of your ceremony should include elements of your personality and help to set the stage for your marriage.


Hand Fasting Ceremony: Hand fasting, or the custom of binding a couple's hands together during a wedding ceremony, has been practiced in a number of ways, in different cultures, throughout history. Hand fasting cords can be made of nearly any material. It physically connects a couple during a ceremony to represent their joining into a new unity and family.


Blended Family Ceremony: When two families are blended together, it is important that all members of the family be included in the wedding ceremony. A unity ceremony (such as a candle or sand) is the symbol of the unity of two people, or two families. 


Unity Ceremony: The Unity Candle Ceremony recognizes the light of love that burns at the heart of every family.  Using taper candles to light the "unity" candle, recognizes the joining together of lives, families, and loved ones through the marriage 


The Unity Candle Ceremony honours the joining of couples and their families.  As part of this service, the couple may have one or more of their family members, each light a candle.  They then use these candles to light the Unity Candle. 


This ceremony can be designed to your liking by using a number of different items including sand, water, wine, stones etc.


Memorial Candle Ceremony: The Memorial Candle Ceremony is designed to honour deceased family members. In remembrance of departed loved ones, an item is included throughout the ceremony.


Breaking of the Glass: There are countless interpretations for the tradition of breaking a glass. Some say it is meant to remind us that marriage is as fragile as glass or demonstrates how life is so fragile that the couple should enjoy every day as if it were their last together.



Ceremonies can be designed to fit your vision. Together we will collaborate to design the wedding ceremony of your dreams.